InfinitSky offers beautiful, custom made Star Domes and Star Tiles!

StarDome™ Advantage

Art, Architecture, Lighting, Astronomy & Elegance

A StarDome™ is a ready-to-install ceiling dome with a hand painted sky mural and a dazzling,
realistic array of twinkling fiber optic stars. The sky is lit with a dimmable indirect cove light.

There are other starfield kits commercially available but our StarDomes™ offer distinct advantages
over these products. To utilize these other kits, a consumer would have a dome built from foam or hire
a contractor to build a dome with wood or metal framing. They would then need to have it sheet rocked, taped
and sanded. This is a very messy, time consuming process. (see Comparison link above)

Once construction of the dome is completed, the stars would then need to be mapped and drilled.
The consumer would then need to install the fibers and couple the fibers to a commercially available
light source. This requires getting up into the space above the dome, locating the holes, and gluing
the fibers in place. The available light sources require a cooling fan and an accessible ventilated space.
The end user would also need to specify and install their own cove light. Finally, an artist
would be required to paint the dome looking up from a ladder or on his back like Michelangelo.

Installation of a StarDome™ would eliminate much of the cost, time and mess
associated with a do-it-yourself or contracted starfield projects.

The StarDome™ also offers the additional exclusive advantage of using digital solid state lighting as the star
light source with digital twinkling effect (DTE) which is technology proprietary to the manufacturer. The color
of the starlight combined with the DTE creates the most realistic starfield on the market. The use of solid state
lighting applications is one of the fastest growing sectors in the lighting field due to their long life and very low
energy consumption. Our star light source draws less than one watt and does not require a large ventilated space
and is rated to last over 50,000 hours.

Create your experience ... with StarDomes™ and StarTiles™

Fiber Optic Starfield in your bedroom ... Fiber Optic Starfield in your foyer ...Fiber Optic Starfield in your entertainment room or home theater ...Your own fiber optic personal space portal ...

Where are you going to put your fiber optic StarDome™?

StarDomes™ Architectural Starfields are a new and exciting way to put the WOW! in any room.
These pre-assembled domes will add splendor and beauty while providing a soft, elegant mood light.

Create your experience ... InfinitSky Architectural Starfields!

When imagining where to put a fiber optic Stardome™ ... the sky is the limit!

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InfinitSky StarDomes™InfinitSky Fiber Optic StarDomes™ dropped down from your living room or any vaulted ceiling.InfinitSky StarDomes™ in your kitchen and dining room.InfinitSky StarDomes™ Medical Treatment rooms and MRI rooms.InfinitSky StarDomes™ over your bath.

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