InfinitSky offers beautiful, custom made Star Domes and Star Tiles!

InfinitSky Starfield Comparison

We invite you to compare our products with "other" traditional starfields on the market today.
We are confident that you'll find no other starfield can compare to the features, advantages and beauty
InfinitSky StarDomes™ & StarTiles™.

Please review our comparison chart below to see the difference.

InfinitSky StarDome™ Comparison vs. Other Fiber Optic Ceilings / Domes
InfinitSky StarDome™ Other
Design Complete and ready to install with
integrated and accurate fiber optic
constellations, cove light, sky painting,
snap-on trim ring.
Dome (or drywall ceiling) plus add-on
traditional fiber optic light source.
Location Any desired ceiling location is possible. Large overhead space is required to
cool the fiber optic light source.
Flush Mount: Requires simple
framing and drywall
Surface Mount: with choice of two
Drop-down molding designs
Suspended: with Suspension Kit
Flush Mount or build-in-place.
Labor to Install Typically one to two hours. Basic
electrical skills required. (Time
stated does not include framing and
drywall for flush mount or
additional wiring.)
Lay out starfield, drill, insert fibers,
glue, secure, route fibers to light
source, terminate hub, hot knife
fibers, clip stars, paint, clip stars
again, add coving and cove light.
Maintenance Cove Light: 15 minute replacement
time for every 25,000 hours of
Star Light Source: 1 minute
replacement time for every 100,000
hours of operation.
Access overhead space to replace
light every 2,000 to 6,000 hours.
Stars LED's and fiber optics.
See comparison table below.
Halogen illuminator box and fiber
optics. See comparison table below.
Fully tested, UL and cUL approved
and labeled.

Art, Architecture, Lighting, Astronomy & Elegance

InfinitSky Starfield Comparison vs. Traditional Starfield
InfinitSky LED Starfield Halogen Starfield (Other)
Star Color Whitish-blue natural star color,
certain stars also tinted to their true
colors (i.e. Red Giants, Blue
Dwarves, etc.)
Yellowish Halogen lamp color.
Bulb Life 100,000 Hours 2,000 - 6,000 Hours
Less than 2 watts 75 - 250 watts
Twinkle Effect Shimmer like real stars. Solid-state
electronically controlled. Approx.
20% of the stars twinkle.
Very realistic!
Motorized twinkle wheel has all the
stars undulating from dim to bright.
Audible Noise NONE Cooling fan noise.
Integrated into dome design. Remote location; requires
ventilation and servicable area.

Create your experience ... with StarDomes™ and StarTiles™

Fiber Optic Starfield in your bedroom ... Fiber Optic Starfield in your foyer ...Fiber Optic Starfield in your entertainment room or home theater ...Your own fiber optic personal space portal ...

Where are you going to put your fiber optic StarDome™?

StarDomes™ Architectural Starfields are a new and exciting way to put the WOW! in any room.
These pre-assembled domes will add splendor and beauty while providing a soft, elegant mood light.

Create your experience ... InfinitSky Architectural Starfields!

When imagining where to put a fiber optic Stardome™ ... the sky is the limit!

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InfinitSky StarDomes™InfinitSky Fiber Optic StarDomes™ dropped down from your living room or any vaulted ceiling.InfinitSky StarDomes™ in your kitchen and dining room.InfinitSky StarDomes™ Medical Treatment rooms and MRI rooms.InfinitSky StarDomes™ over your bath.

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