InfinitSky offers beautiful, custom made Star Domes and Star Tiles!

MRI Room StarDomes™

To provide a StarDome suitable for an MRI room we were required to provide a product
no incandescent dimming. With this limitation, we went to work on the first MRI StarDome.

The end result is StarDome with NO electricity in the MRI room
Both the stars and the cove light use only fiber optics to transmit their light.

With the halogen light source for the side emitting fiber optic cove light, and the LED circuit board
for the stars in an adjacent utility room, the fibers run through a tube called ‘wave guide’ into the shielded MRI room.
To control the cove light, we provided preprogrammed lighting controls so that the cove light
is constantly cycling from a day sky to a night sky.

“The patients love it,” ... “As well as the staff.”

The characteristics of a StarDome reflect ancient philosophies for relaxation,
which help to calm patients such as:

The color blue - which slows the heart rate and lowers blood pressure.
The circular shape – representing a passage way.
The constellation patterns – reflecting ancient wisdom
The day to night transition – represents the ying-yang balance of life.

MRI StarDomes emit no electricity.MRI StarDomes emit no electricity.

MRI StarDomes emit no electricity.MRI StarDomes emit no electricity.MRI StarDomes emit no electricity.

Create your experience ... with StarDomes™ and StarTiles™

Fiber Optic Starfield in your bedroom ... Fiber Optic Starfield in your foyer ...Fiber Optic Starfield in your entertainment room or home theater ...Your own fiber optic personal space portal ...

Where are you going to put your fiber optic StarDome™?

StarDomes™ Architectural Starfields are a new and exciting way to put the WOW! in any room.
These pre-assembled domes will add splendor and beauty while providing a soft, elegant mood light.

Create your experience ... InfinitSky Architectural Starfields!

When imagining where to put a fiber optic Stardome™ ... the sky is the limit!

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InfinitSky StarDomes™InfinitSky Fiber Optic StarDomes™ dropped down from your living room or any vaulted ceiling.InfinitSky StarDomes™ in your kitchen and dining room.InfinitSky StarDomes™ Medical Treatment rooms and MRI rooms.InfinitSky StarDomes™ over your bath.

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