InfinitSky offers beautiful, custom made Star Domes and Star Tiles!

Client Testimonials

Some of the finest people in the world own StarDomes™!

Hear what they had to say ...

"We love our StarDome!!!!! Our friends love it too! As you know, we placed ours above our bar
and it is beautiful. And unique - our guests are always intrigued by the dome and spend time picking
constellations and marveling at the day to night feature. Thank you so much.
Also you guys were timely, dependable and neat. Thanks again."
Jim and Tammy B.

"Our family meal times have been TRANSFORMED by our StarDome. We placed it above
our dining area and it's given us conversation, education and a feeling of calm and tranquility.
Everyone who enters our home is intrigued! Thank you ... we feel like you've become a part of our family."
Rachel and Peter Z.

"It's a visual pleasure for our bedroom. We feel like we are sleeping under the celestial sky
in the comfort of our own bed. What a way to fall asleep! Having illuminated art on my bedroom
ceiling is a new and wonderful experience. It feels like a window to the universe!
It's like space travel in my own bedroom!"
Lydia and Doug T.

"The StarDome has been the most looked at, sought after, piece of art in my home.
Everyone is amazed at its twinkling, shining stars and the great environment it creates.
It is my most prized piece of art and everyone loves it. From a very happy customer ..."
Mary K.

"I fear I am not cool enough to have something so optically awesome in my house
... but I will try to endure."
Amy R.

Create your experience ... with StarDomes™ and StarTiles™

Fiber Optic Starfield in your bedroom ... Fiber Optic Starfield in your foyer ...Fiber Optic Starfield in your entertainment room or home theater ...Your own fiber optic personal space portal ...

Where are you going to put your fiber optic StarDome™?

StarDomes™ Architectural Starfields are a new and exciting way to put the WOW! in any room.
These pre-assembled domes will add splendor and beauty while providing a soft, elegant mood light.

Create your experience ... InfinitSky Architectural Starfields!

When imagining where to put a fiber optic Stardome™ ... the sky is the limit!

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InfinitSky StarDomes™InfinitSky Fiber Optic StarDomes™ dropped down from your living room or any vaulted ceiling.InfinitSky StarDomes™ in your kitchen and dining room.InfinitSky StarDomes™ Medical Treatment rooms and MRI rooms.InfinitSky StarDomes™ over your bath.

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