InfinitSky offers beautiful, custom made Star Domes and Star Tiles!

InfinitSky Architectural Starfields

It seems as if there is nothing more peaceful and serene than a clear, night sky filled with stars ...

Have you ever looked up in to the night sky and wondered what is out there?

Have you ever wanted to travel to the Moon or the stars?
Did you know that there are more stars in the universe than there are
grains of sand on every beach on Earth?

"The vastness of space is hard to imagine and is an infinite sky
of possibilities and the great unknown."
~ Alter Ego

InfinitSky offers beautiful, custom made Star Domes and Star Tiles!

(Night view image on mouse-over)

Now you can enjoy your own personal space window to the stars by adding fiber optic
StarDomes™ Architectural Starfields in your home, office, business or organization.

Each of these spectacular ceiling domes replicate the night sky and depict
20 constellations of the
Northern Hemisphere
, with fiber optic stars that realistically twinkle! A cove light lines the inside
of the dome and can be dimmed by remote control. As the light dims, a stunning sunset effect
is created and stars fill the night sky!

StarDomes™ Architectural Starfields are a solid-state unit that can be mounted to any drywall
ceiling and/or recessed (select models). Once the dome is installed, the trim ring snaps in place
over the entire rim of the dome, creating a clean, finished look.

StarDomes™ use a LED controller dimmer for the cove light.

Best of all, StarDomes™ starfields are
extremely energy efficient and produce very little heat.
Now you can enjoy a day sky, an evening sky, or a dark night sky in any room of your home or business.

Create your experience ... with StarDomes™ and StarTiles™

Fiber Optic Starfield in your bedroom ... Fiber Optic Starfield in your foyer ...Fiber Optic Starfield in your entertainment room or home theater ...Your own fiber optic personal space portal ...

Where are you going to put your fiber optic StarDome™?

StarDomes™ Architectural Starfields are a new and exciting way to put the WOW! in any room.
These pre-assembled domes will add splendor and beauty while providing a soft, elegant mood light.

Create your experience ... InfinitSky Architectural Starfields!

When imagining where to put a fiber optic Stardome™ ... the sky is the limit!

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InfinitSky StarDomes™InfinitSky Fiber Optic StarDomes™ dropped down from your living room or any vaulted ceiling.InfinitSky StarDomes™ in your kitchen and dining room.InfinitSky StarDomes™ Medical Treatment rooms and MRI rooms.InfinitSky StarDomes™ over your bath.

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